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High noise level in Fender Expo - defective?
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Author:  ghken [ Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  High noise level in Fender Expo - defective?

Bought a new Fender Expo last week and out of the box was pretty impressed. So far I've only been testing it playing a variety of tracks from my ipad plugged into the RCA inputs.

However, after a week of playing around with it I am now noticing a pretty high level of noise/hiss coming from the speaker array when the unit is turned on, but with no input plugged in and gain set at zero. The noise level does not increase when gain is turned up or something is plugged into the input. It is constant and is present as soon as the unit cycles through it's power up stages (can't hear it while the protection circuit is engaged for the first few seconds of power up).

The noise level doesn't require putting my ear up right next to the speakers. It is quite audible from a few feet away. I don't think this level of noise was present when I first got it, so I'm concerned something has gone wonky with the amp.

I'm hoping to get some feedback from other Expo owners to let me know how their units compare when it comes to noise level with no input and gain set to zero. I still have time to exchange it if it's defective.


Author:  ContraCaller [ Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: High noise level in Fender Expo - defective?

There are two volume knobs on the Expo. One is for the array (tower) and the other is for the subwoofers (box at the base). When you say that the gain is set to zero, do you mean that both of the knobs are cranked counterclockwise until they stop?

Also, where are you hearing the sound coming from? There are four sources:

1. The 1" tweeter at the top of the stack.

2. The four top 3.5" upper-midrange speakers.

3. The four bottom 3.5" lower-midrange speakers.

4. The two 6" subwoofers.

I'm guessing there's noise coming out of one of these four sources and not the other three. Can you indicate which one you are hearing it from? My wild guess is that it's the lower four speakers, and that the bass volume might be cranked up high, even though the main volume is all the way off. Just a guess, though.

Author:  ghken [ Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: High noise level in Fender Expo - defective?

Yes, both level knobs are set at their minimum. Noise is coming from the array speakers - it's similar to tape hiss so covers a broad mid to high frequency spectrum and isn't isolated to any particular section of the array.

Fortunately, I was able to go to my dealer who had another one on the floor. Plugged it in and heard the same type of noise from that unit.

In the end, the noise level is not that objectionable. You need to be in a quiet room to hear it and fairly close to it. Not going to be a problem in a normal performance environment. When I first got it I didn't notice the noise, then I did. Made me think something had changed but in reality it's part of the inherent noise floor.

I have peace of mind now and look forward to the first gig with it.

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