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Post subject: Got a brand new Superchamp x2 shipped.. makes noise connecte
Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:45 am

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My amp arrived today. Got all excited cause I could finally get to play my telecaster on it..

I connect it and this noise comes out of it (see video), the one I tried at a store didn't have it, for sure!

Is there a way to fix it or is this looking like yet another return to Amazon, btw I bought it and says the vendor is fender btw and is brand new.

It's such a bummer cause I really wanted to try it out already and now I got to ship it back, wait for money return, order another,etc.. my spring break gonna be over before that..

Also: do these amps come packagee upside down? Box says: "up" but that's where the bottom of amp was.

Please help if possible. The noise sometimes starts right away, then kind of mutes then takes a bit to start again (as I'm video), other times start right away. Thanks!

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Post subject: Re: Got a brand new Superchamp x2 shipped.. makes noise conn
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:50 am
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Late answer here.
The video stinks. It is just a couple seconds long, and tells me nothing.
First of all; you didn't even try the amp out...just turned it on, and heard the Tubes warming up---boxed it back up, and sent it back.
Yes the amp ships upside down to make sure the Tubes don't get jostled out. The Tubes hang down with the amp turned upright.
The hum DID seem a bit loud for not having an instrument plugged in. Almost as if you had a chord plugged into the amp with the other end sitting on the floor.
Could be something as simple as a ground issue with the outlet in your home. Could be a ceiling fan...could be a number of things. Could be the amp; but not necessarily.

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