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Mustang V v2 Drivers
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Author:  rfxcasey [ Sun May 05, 2019 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Mustang V v2 Drivers

Does anyone have the Mustang V v2 drivers they could send me? I have a v1 and I'd like to see if the v2 drivers will work. In particular, the driver that automatically installs when you plug your amp into your computer? I'm have a strange issue with that whenever I am using any ASIO driver to monitor or playback while the Mustang V v1 is plugged in to the computer, after a while the sound starts to slowly breakup, crackle and pulse for minute or two, then the noise starts to fade way and the monitor/playback sound is perfect again. This happens over and over in a cycle of about 5 minutes or so, as if some clock signal is going out of sync and then coming back around in sync, out of sync, in sync again, on and on and on until I turn off my Mustang or unplug it from the computer. It doesn't matter what ASIO driver I use, Fender's, Generic Low Latency, ASIO for all, it's all the same, I've narrowed it down to either an issue with the Mustang, an issue with the sound card reacting to the presents of the Mustang, or some odd USB issue. I don't have any of these issues when recording through a Roland Quad Capture or AKIA EIE PRO. It's important to me to get this working, yes I can record through the digital interfaces but I have a EMI issue where my rig is located and the Mustang USB seems to give the cleanest recordings, at least for the first five minutes. Funny thing is, it seems to only effect the playback, they recordings come out fine even if the sound went scratchy when it was recorded.

If anyone else can thing of something I'd love to hear it. I'm about to try and monitor the USB communication with Wireshark and see if I can narrow this down.

Author:  ghost_of_strings [ Mon May 06, 2019 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mustang V v2 Drivers

try changing the USB cable. Use one with a ferrite bead.

What you describe sounds like a buffer overrun or underrun. Maybe the cable is not transmitting properly.

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