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Post subject: Fender Fuse won't run
Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:15 pm

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I've had my amp for a year and ran Fuse when I first got it just to make sure I could figure out how. Haven't used it since, until today, when I tried to actually use it. It won't run! I came on this forum to see if there was any help here to be had and I saw that others have had the same problem and that probably I needed to get an updated version. So I followed the directions given to one fellow that asked the question about how to get it to run.

I uninstalled it, but could not seem to get rid of all the folders left in the programs x86 file. I down loaded the new fuse file and tried to run it. It told me that there was something already there in the way. I went into my folder in programs z86 and deleted everything in there. adn tried to run it again and it finally ran and told me that the install was successful. But, it wouldn't run when I clicked on the icon in the start menu.

Did the whole thing again. This time it ran once right after installing it. It opened up and I decided to try and use it so I shut it down to plug my amp up to my computer. After plugging up I tried to run the program again..... nothing.... zip program running! By now I had over five hours into try to get this thing going. :evil:

After another hour of looking for a number to call somebody in Fender for help I found one and called. I was told that I was being switched to somebody that could help me and that somebody told me they were switching me to somebody else that could help me. Then I got some message that made no sense and I could not even make sense of and got hung up on... a phone robot!

So, I called again and talked to the same woman I talked to the first time and she switched me again to a number that told me that the offices were closed and gave me the hours they were supposed to be open, 8-4 or 8-5 on Friday (today) and it was only something after 1 pm then. And then that number hung up on me also! :evil:

So, I called one more time adn was put through to a fellas voice mail and he told me that he would call back and I left a number. Nothing to do but wait after seven hours of trying to get my program to run.

So, I went looking for help some place else and found the email for Customer Relations and decided to write them and let them know I was not very happy. I left a my phone number and told them to call me.

I never got an answer from them, but I did get two calls and two messages from Allen Willey, the fella whose voice mail I talked too. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to answer them at the time and he ended up telling me that he would call me on Wednesday when he got back from the Xmas break. At least he called!

But, I still can't use my program and now have to wait almost a week to get help. I don't understand how or why it has to be so hard to get a program running that used to run and when you follow the directions and do a new download and go through all this stuff it still doesn't run, and it isn't even a new problem because others have had the same problem going to back to at least June, as I see here on this forum. Seems the problem would have been fixed by now. I've never had so much trouble downloading and installing a program in my life! And the help support from Fender is horrible when they won't answer their phones or give you a person to talk to without jumping through hoops even after you hunt down the hoops. Are they trying to run people away from their product or just like making people insane from frustration? :twisted:

I'm waiting till Wednesday and if this isn't solved by then, they can have Fender Fuse and the amp that runs on it, but no more of my business!

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Post subject: Re: Fender Fuse won't run
Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:57 pm
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Hi wdwomack,

I am just touching base with you. Our Rep. Peter called you on Wednesday. He informed me that all is well at this point. And just to let you know, if Peter had not gotten to you first, I would have called you back myself.

If you run into any other issues with the amp or Fender FUSE, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Fender Technology Support Lab
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
(800) 856-9801

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