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Fuse will not install on Mac High Sierra
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Author:  Listric [ Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Fuse will not install on Mac High Sierra

Fuse was one of the reasons I purchased a Fender amp. So I am deeply disappointed that despite much effort the software will not load at all. The setup gets as far as displaying the icon for the fuse software package but will go no further and will not extract.

This is a blot on the reputation of Fender and needs to be fixed as soon as possible to stop other purchasers of Fender amps from being disappointed.

Author:  sudrakarma [ Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuse will not install on Mac High Sierra

You ever get yours going? I have the same problem. Driving me batty and Fender phone support had no advice whatsoever.

Anyway, I managed to get all the way to the app actually opening, but then stalling on the "syncing with amp" pop-up.

However, I discovered something interesting today when trying different cables (thinking that might be the issue - it wasn't); when FUSE stalled there on the "syncing with amp" pop-up, I decided to spin the scroll wheel anyway. Guess what? It scrolled through different amps behind the "syncing amp" pop-up on the computer!

So it actually IS synced with the amp! - but is unusable as you can only see the dimmed screen behind with the popup in the way.

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